Join the powerful movement of I Am a Queens in GoGo Movement! IAAQGOGO is a dynamic force, owned and operated by fierce women who are dedicated to uniting women in the  cranking world of GoGo music. These strong women rock the mics, promote shows, own businesses and support and work in the community with passion and talent, creating a sisterhood that embodies empowerment and support. The GoGo movement is a platform for women to reclaim their power and express their struggles and triumphs through music. These Queens in GoGo movement are breaking barriers, challenging norms, and advocating for social justice. Their voices amplify the struggles of marginalized communities and demand change.

 Together, these queens form a tight-knit sisterhood, celebrating each other's successes and providing guidance and mentorship. They inspire the next generation of artists and encourage young girls to embrace their talents and pursue their dreams. As the beats of GoGo music echo through the streets of Washington, DC,  strong women harmonize in unity. 

They are queens, warriors, and trailblazers, leaving an indelible mark on the I Am a Queen in GoGo movement and beyond. Join us in cultivating U.N.I.T.Y and lifting each other up. Contact us at 202.681.7144 or 443.599.9255 to be a part of this powerful movement. Embrace your inner queen and join us in celebrating women empowerment in GoGo!

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Welcome to our universe of services in entertainment, professional business marketing, and events. We have partnered with women across various cities and states to empower indie artists and small businesses with bold promotion. Explore our services showcasing the world's coolest small businesses, artists, and bands. Feel free to reach out to us through our contact page. Thank you for your interest.

We'd love for you to be a part of our community by sharing your story and experiences with DC GoGo. Let's join forces and make a difference together!

 Let's give a big round of applause to all the Queen's who shared their love stories with us through the GoGo questionnaire. We're talking tales of how they swooned over GoGo music and their epic first experiences at a GoGo party. Get ready to dive into a world of funky beats, wild dance moves, and unforgettable memories. So grab your crowns and let's boogie down with these regal GoGo tales!

Curious about how I Am a Queen of GoGo got its start and what our mission is? Learn more...

The members of the I Am a Queen in GoGo Movement adhere to a set of core values that guide their actions and beliefs. To gain insight into the principles that underpin the IAAQGOGO, familiarize yourself with their core values.

Hey there, party people! Need to reach us for some fun and frolic? We're here to chat and giggle with you every day of the week from 9am to 8pm EST. Just fill out the form and we'll hit you back faster than you can say "hoopla!" Let's make some magic happen together!

Step right into the magical realm of T.A.S.K Podcast! Crafted by the amazing Kim Brown and powered by the fiery spirits of I Am a Queen in GoGo Movement and Sparrows Landing Global with Ash Givien. When these fierce females collided for a chat, the universe couldn't help but birth T.A.S.K into existence. 

Each letter in T.A.S.K stands for a fabulous lady - Sweet Tee, Ash, Spice, and Kim. Their vibes are infectious, their chitchats are captivating, and their purpose is as crystal clear as a unicorn's horn. Welcome to the land of T.A.S.K - where women rule and laughter reigns supreme!

Join us on our podcast and proudly showcase yourself and your brand to the world! This is your chance to seize the spotlight and share your story with our audience. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to connect with new followers and promote your business in a fun and engaging way. Let your voice be heard and make a lasting impression on our listeners. Sign up now and let your brand shine!

 Get ready to dive into a world of shameless self-promotion with all our fabulous guests, from creative artists to savvy business owners. They're here to plug their brands and drop their hot new music releases like it's nobody's business. New products and services. Just pick the month to see past guest. 

So, grab a snack, kick back, and click on those links to get the inside scoop on these cool cats. Each month brings a fresh batch of guests, so stay tuned for more fun and excitement! Let's get this virtual party started! 🎉🎶🎨

Following the conclusion of each podcast recording session, we engage in the practice of capturing photographic memories with our esteemed guests.

We invite you to participate in our Book Club, where we engage with acclaimed authors to analyze and discuss their works in depth. Members have the opportunity to interact with the author during live stream sessions.

Welcome to our radio station where we play indie artists from all corners of the globe, 24/7, 365 days a year. We've got some awesome podcasts coming your way from North Carolina, Atlanta, and the DC/Maryland/Virginia area. Our DJs are simply amazing and hail from all over the world. If you want your music to be featured on our station, just send us an MP3 format to playme@cspradio.net. Can't wait to hear what you've got!

Experience the incredible energy and unity of IAAQGOGO parties! Together, we uplift and support each other like sisters, creating unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

Step into the world of the Queens in GoGo Movement Series, where women's stories are celebrated and empowered in the realms of Entertainment, GoGo Music, and business ownership. Each woman involved in this project shines a light on their journey through insightful interviews, offering valuable perspectives and wisdom. 


Cross-promotion It's a cool way to get your business out there by teaming up with other brands. We love working with businesses like yours to spread the word about what you do. It's all about supporting each other and growing together. We're all about helping each other succeed. Let's work together and see how we can help each other out. Check out the awesome businesses in our network and let's make some magic happen!

The GoGo Movement is home to a diverse group of talented women, including DJs, artists, and bands, who consistently produce high-quality music that resonates with audiences worldwide.

Join the powerful IAAQGOGO Movement and Sparrows Landing Global in making a real difference in the lives of the homeless around the world. Together, we can have a lasting impact on our communities by providing food, shelter, and support to those in need. 

By getting involved, you can help feed the hungry, provide shelter to women and men in need, and make a positive change in the world. Take action today and be a part of something truly meaningful. Your help can make a world of difference.

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In the fabulous world of Tina 'Ms. Spice' Turner, a trailblazing queen of the GoGo scene since way back in 1989, she's been shaking things up and dazzling crowds all across the land. From her groundbreaking gigs with the Nasty Band to the electrifying shows of Ms. Spice & Malenium Band, she's been wowing us with her original tunes and spellbinding stage presence.

Ms. Spice's dedication to lifting up women in the GoGo world is second to none, leading the charge with the 'I Am a Queen in GoGo Movement' to give ladies a chance to shine.

 And it's not just about the music - Ms. Spice also lends a hand to indie artists and businesses worldwide through Chat & Shamelessly Plug Radio, showing her commitment to togetherness and support. 

Her motto, "If it's not tight, it's not right," shows her drive for perfection and success. Let Ms. Spice's empowering journey of sisterhood and strength ignite your love for GoGo music and community. Stand tall, embrace your inner power, and go after your dreams with the same fire as Ms. Spice.

Let her story be a light of hope and motivation, reminding you of your own greatness. Join Ms. Spice in spreading positivity and empowerment, and together, let's create a world full of happiness, strength, and endless possibilities.



 open August 01, 2024

We would love your support to keep our movement going! If you need our EIN# for tax write-offs, just shoot us an email. Thank you so much for considering a donation - we truly appreciate it!

📞 443.599.9255

📌 Drop off donations to TINA @

3808 Northampton Street NW Washington, DC 20015 

Monday-Friday 8am-3pm 

📧 iamaqueeningogo@gmail.com

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