Althea McFarland AKA
 Reese Cup (The Comedian, Author & Radio Host) 

 Althea McFarland answers to movement questions 

What bands do you follow?: All of them
How long you been loving GoGo?: 38 years
How long have you been supporting Go-Go music?: 38years
What do you think makes GoGo music unique?: The way you can express yourself through the arithmic drums and the melodious sound of the piano Congress and cowbell this instruments are so transforming the sounds that they make. And also the singers call and response with the audience interaction is awesome there is nothing or no other music like gogo music
What was your first experience with GoGo music?: I was 16 years old helping my cousins out at the Safari nightclub in DC which was the hotspot for every Go-Go van that came through the DMV area back then it was like a mecca for Go-Go. I was cleaning up the floor and I heard the beat of the Congress when I was doing the mic check and testing the sound it was awesome
Who are your favorite bands?: I really don't have a favorite band I go all the way back to Trouble Funk days and band like air raid class E U Rare Essence little Benny and the Masters go go Lorenzo and so on. And I even bring it all the way up to the presents with junkyard backyard the hucklebucks Northeast Groovers the what band pleasure Belladonna nasty nasty 2.0 Livewire and the SOS band iCandy crank was Miss Chuck and so many more. Like I said before I love all the bands
What has been your biggest GoGo concert so far?: Man my biggest GoGo concert at the time was at the capital Center where go go live took place. Every go-go band was there every rapper was there from the DMV area it was awesome and the rappers come down from New York to experience it was like that and all of the back to school classes that they used to give it was awesome but there was nothing like GoGo lies. And guess what everybody got along that night
What is your brand/company if any? (your business or brand): My name is Althea McFarland I am a comedian that goes by the name of Reese. I am a published author of a book called Shades of Blu by A.M. Morning I am a podcaster of a daily show called The Morning Mac Show and I am also an MC for any type of Engagement that you would need at MC for.
What do you think is the most significant barrier to female movement?: I think the most significant barrier that a female and this type of entertainment or any Entertainment Movement must face is themselves. They would have to get over any fears and let their inner ambition take over. We all know that go-go music and being a part of the go-go band is mostly dominated by men so you have to be a strong force to be reckoned with to even go up against some of these great male bands. We have a lot of strong females out there you have to be strong in your mind your voice and in your convictions and if you love this music deep down in your heart then you will excel you have to give your best performance all the time. Women I'm talking to you stand up don't be shy and don't be afraid to speak out let's take over but we want to take over and love peace and wisdom. Let's start this movement off in the right direction with positive so we can pass on to the next Generation to the Next Generation into the next female expression is very significant in this movement

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Check out Reese Cup she is a comedian, mother, radio personality and big sister to many. Reese loves Hip-Hop to Go-Go and lots of old school.

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