Amy Allen AKA AmyCakes1978

AmyCakes1978 answers to movement questions (Level 2)


1). What band do you manage or promote? a). Currently, I manage and is also the Creative Consultant for Indie Rap Artist, Tito Starr. In Tito’s body of work—he’s also collaborated with GoGo Artist(s) such as Killa Cal “Cargo Pants” & L.I.T Band. Tito Starr’s music content is on all social and music platforms. 
b). I am the Marketing/Promotions/Content Creator & Business Consultant for 5 Sister’s Lounge- Laurel, Maryland. c). I promote many GoGo Artist through my YouTube “AmyCakes1978”; attending many shows, and creating footage/content as a result.

2). How long have you been in GoGo community? I’ve supported and have been in the GoGo community well over 30 years. I have a few close friends I’ve either known all my life, Friends/Associates of Elder family members of mines, or I’ve met Associates along the way. Besides all of that—— I’M ALSO A FAN!! 

3). How long have you been supporting Go-Go music? I’ve supported and have been in the GoGo community well over 30 years. 

4). What do you think makes GoGo music unique? The uniqueness of Go-Go music stems from different components such as: a). The “LIVE” Instruments!! b). Call and Response engagement to the crowd (shouting out the popular ones/birthday celebrations and neighborhoods)!! c). The versatility in culture (African/Latin), the overall “Live Music” component, the history and the collaboration of R&B, Rap, Soul, Gospel, Funk—— etc! 

5). What was your first experience with GoGo? My very first Go-Go experience was @ Rhythms Night Club/Dodge Plaza 1993! I was about 15 years old. I knew a Pg County Officer (Rick) whom did security there. Went in the back door and left out the back door . If memory serves me correct—the night I was there (Thursday, 4/1993), It was Chuck Brown and JunkYard Band!! Landover Landoverrrrrrrrrr!! Lls

6). What is the most difficult thing about being a woman in GoGo? Being on the Go-Go scene for me has been very time consuming!! If I could only clone myself!! I want to support everyone—-but it’s hard to be 5 places at the same time. Go-Go Bands tend to play every night of the week. I actually WORK!!! Can’t be everywhere all the time. 

7). What has been your biggest music/GoGo career highlight so far? Being able to cover many shows and creating content on YouTube for the GoGo community. Many GoGo Artist appreciates it and look at it as feedback or a study guide. Many fans also watch to see the current shows. I have fans across the watching the DMV through my lens! That’s dope to me!! The furthest I’ve noticed my YouTube being viewed was in Germany. There has been other countries as well! Also, GoGo Artist literally trusting my concepts as a Videographer and sharing my footage has been dope!! 
. Do you have any advice for aspiring females? Definitely don’t get caught up in the hype. 

Understand the assignment and stand on it, respectfully. For me—-I love live entertainment and people in general. Separately, GoGo music holds a special place is my heart!! Eventhough, many National Artists knows GoGo music; it’s still that one genres of music “IN THE WORLD” whom hasn’t really been given their flower “Nationally”. Besides all of that, just don’t get wrapped up in the GoGo politics. 

8). What is your brand/company if any? (your business or brand): 1). AmyCakes1978 on IG/YouTube 2). Allena Entertainment

AmyCakes1978 on Youtube

AmyCakes1978 (DMV’s own—Connie Chung)" will bring you Entertainment, Politics, Comedy—-and everything in between!

If its happening Amycakes1978 will pop out and flick and record her vibes for the world. 

AmyCakes1978 is a Mother, Professional business woman, GoGo RockStar, and Supa Social MediaDiva. 

Subscribe to her Youtube to stay in the know from music to education she is on it and will show it. 

Live in the GoGo

Commanders Hype Squad 

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