Ayana B. Jackson AKA Yana

Yana answers to movement questions (LEVEL 2)

What bands do you follow?: I follow BYB, North East Groover’s, TCB, CCB, Mambo Sauce, TOB, Young Greats, Pump Blenders, Rare Essence, JYB and EU
How long you been loving GoGo?: I been loving GoGo since I was officially introduced to it live my high school years in 2005.
How long have you been supporting Go-Go music?: Since 2005, I enjoyed watching band’s performances at my high school dances, community events in the DC/MD area and even attending/singing for band practices with classmates who needed a lead singer for their new bands. That was always fun.
What do you think makes GoGo music unique?: Go-Go music is the signature of the DC/MD/VA culture. In my opinion the emphasis of the percussion and bass line that makes a distinct undeniable vibration, makes Go-Go music like no other genre.
What was your first experience with GoGo music?: My first experience with Go-Go music was hearing Rare Essence’s “Overnight Scenerio” for the first on the radio when I was a child. I didn’t understand any of the lyrics, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.
Who are your favorite bands?: The Chuck Brown Band, JYB, BYB, TCB, TOB, Mambo Sauce & Rare Essence
What has been your biggest GoGo concert so far?: I can’t recall, specifically, what GoGo concerts I attended by name, but I watched Bel’a Dona for the first about a year and a half ago and it was amazed!
What is your brand/company if any? (your business or brand): ABJ (Ayana B. Jackson) Recording Artist, Songwriter, Producer, Performer/Voice Coach
What do you think is the most significant barrier to female movement?: I believe the most significant barrier to any movement, let alone female movements, is the idea that we are separate from each other. No matter what many of us may think or feel, as humans, we need each other and each of us play a significant part of whole, greater than us individually. United we stand, once we understand that each of us have an important role and function to make the big picture come to fruition.
Would you like to help on the IAAQGOGO planning committee?: Maybe, keep me posted

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