Jacqueline Pippens AKA 
Jacqui Renee

Jacqui Renee answers to movement questions (LEVEL 1-NC)

What band do you play for?: Alter Egos Band
Position in GoGo: Vocalist
How long have you been supporting Go-Go music?: I've been in a GoGo Band for almost 8 years now. However, I have been a fan for over 30 years. I feel in love with GoGo in High School.
What do you think makes GoGo music unique?: GoGo Music stand out because I truly feel that there is a certain feeling that you get when you rock GoGo Music versus rocking any other Genre.
What was your first experience with GoGo music?: I am originally from Princeville, NC. I was introduced to GoGo by a classmate named Kquanze Staton (R.I.P.). He used to always have a deep love for GoGo music and would always play it in class. I fell in love with GoGo when I first heard Trouble Funk's Double Trouble 4th Gear!! The drumline of my high school band used that as a cadence at the football games. I've been hooked ever since.
Who are your musical influences? What or who inspires you?: I am the "Soul Junkie" of my band, Lol! My musical influences are Faith Evans, Ledisi, Anita Baker, Alex Isley, Jill Scott, Lalah Hathaway & Erykah Badu.
What has been your favorite performance so far?: My favorite performance thus far has been when all of the Queens of GoGo in NC were able to come together with our Big Sis, Spice and shut down Elm Street Lounge in Greensboro. It was so beautiful to be able to rock the stage with my beautiful sisters! That was much needed for our area! It was so powerful! We truly showed that women can come together without drama and work together as a unit! True SiSTARhood!!!!
What is the most difficult thing about being a woman in GoGo?: GoGo is very male-dominated. Sometimes promoters, venues, etc. feel that if they hire women to come and perform....there's going to be some kind of drama. We are as professional and knowledgeable about the business just as the men are.
What has been your biggest music/GoGo career highlight so far?: Honestly...still rocking as a group all these years! Alter Egos Band has had it's ups and downs! However, we are still rocking and there is more to come!
Do you have any advice for aspiring female artists?: My advice to other aspiring female artist is to really makes sure that you have healed yourself to a point in which you are comfortable with you... being you...digging you... loving you! People try to tear you down when they can see that you are not healed and you are questioning your talents. You have to get to a point in which you focus on YOU and do YOU no matter what others have to say!!!
What is your brand/company if any? (your business or brand): Alter Egos Band and Show and Jacqui Renee, Singer/Actress
When you perform and the audience sings along, how does that energy make you feel?: I love it when the crowd is rocking to the music we perform! It makes me feel like whatever we are performing....the crowd can relate to it.
Are any of your songs based on real events or people we might know? If so, can you tell us more about them without giving away too many details about the song itself?: I personally put out a song called "Safe Space". It was about this guy that I was digging at one time.
What do you think is the most significant barrier to female movement?: I feel like the biggest barrier to the female is comparison. Comparison is used to steal a person's joy away from them. I feel like everyone is entitled to have their own vibe or style recognized. Some people like to use comparisons to tear people down. We are all out here to make great music and hear our differences heard and respected.


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