Trinity Anderson AKA Miss Trinnie the Singer

Mrs. Trinnie answers to movement questions
 (Level 1)

What band do you play for?: ABM
Position in GoGo: Singer
How long have you been supporting Go-Go music?: 17
What do you think makes GoGo music unique?: It starts with the percussion. The way that the rhythm and beat flows through your body, gives you a sense of belonging, a touch of the motherland. It’s also about the real, live, raw sound it produces!
What was your first experience with GoGo music?: I grew up listening to gogo from an infant! I remember those car rides in my mama’s maxima, riding around anacostia park, windows down. You could the people listening to all of their boom boxes or blasting Gogo through their car speakers with all of the windows down and doors wide open. What a time to be alive!
Who are your musical influences? What or who inspires you?: My main 3 influences are Ms Pam Ward, Mz Chuk of S.O.S, and Kimise Lee! They are power and they demand the entire venues attention! Once they open their mouths, your glued from beginning to end!
What has been your favorite performance so far?: 12/17/2022… Performing at the Fillmore Silver Spring, and having the entire crowd, from wall to wall, singing my song. See the phone lights, hands waving, singing every lyric!
What is the most difficult thing about being a woman in GoGo?: Being a woman in a predominately male genre, allows us to stand out but we also have to prove that we are worthy of gracing that stage. We have to work twice as hard to grasp the attention of the crowd and keep it!
What has been your biggest music/GoGo career highlight so far?: Taking Gogo outside of the DMV was such a major accomplishment for me! NYC, Kansas City, and Miami just to name a few! The way they accept the music and feel the beat, confirmed that the genre can go anywhere if we present it right!
Do you have any advice for aspiring female artists?: Girrrrlllll…. The game is tough! Enjoyable, but tough. There will be a lot of hate, a lot of groupie guys, a lot of temptation, but will be women who come to see you because they aspire to be like you. Make sure your love for Gogo overpowers it all and embrace the ride! Welcome to the club Queen. It’s business but it’s fun!
What is your brand/company if any? (your business or brand): I am Miss Trinnie, CEO of BigGirlEnergy LLC…Your favorite plus size, melanin powerhouse!!!
When you perform and the audience sings along, how does that energy make you feel?: It is an honor to have an entire crowd of people sing the words you wrote, the Melodie’s you created! You feel heard, understood, and worthy of your spot!
Are any of your songs based on real events or people we might know? If so, can you tell us more about them without giving away too many details about the song itself?: Aww man… My song “Sunshine” is about my husband, Swiezo! How he came in, saved my life, and made it 1000000 times better! The song feels good by itself but the lyrics truly set the tone… Go and listen for yourself! 

What do you think is the most significant barrier to female movement?: Setting a tone, uplifting all queenz, and persevering!

Miss Trinnie the Singer on Youtube

Check our Miss Trinnie The Big Girl Energy on youtube. She is Neo-soul, R&B, Hip-Hop, and Go-Go artist. A mother, wife, sister and friend. She is a awesome artist you have to check her out live. Follow her flow.  



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