Tammy Bluford AKA Sweet Animosity

Sweet Animosity answers to movement questions 

What band do you play for?: S.o.s (EYE CANDY CRANK)
Position in GoGo: Rapper (2nd mic)
How long have you been supporting Go-Go music?: 25years
What do you think makes GoGo music unique?: The percussion and the diversity.
What was your first experience with GoGo music?: My first experience with Gogo had to be even before I was out of the womb. But the first experience I can remember, is being in Trouble funks music video in Oxon hill, village at the swimming pool as a six year old child dancing in the video.
Who are your musical influences? What or who inspires you?: My father, Big Tony from Trouble Funk inspires me very much, especially in Gogo. But in music overall it definitely is the people that inspire me the way the music helps, and heals so many people is amazing to me! Music is my first LOVE!
What has been your favorite performance so far?: My favorite performance so far has to be when we performed a infusions lounge for my birthday bash 3/19 2022 my SOS band family put together an amazing set and we executed it, and add the moment I felt like I was officially a part of gogo it was always literally a dream of mine to be with the old girl Frontline am I bad manager, Laurrie Murray a.k.a. Ms. Chuck made that possible, I am now , and will forever be Grateful and thankful for meeting her and my whole SOS family!!
What is the most difficult thing about being a woman in GoGo?: The only thing I found difficult in the beginning is projecting, making sure my voice is heard, but being sure I’m not screaming.
What has been your biggest music/GoGo career highlight so far?: My biggest highlight so far is being on stage with the SOS band (eye candy crank) performing along side, Rah Digga.
Do you have any advice for aspiring female artists?: My advice to any expiring female artist is, don’t believe the hype! If you see it, and you feel it, go out and get it, don’t be afraid of working with any artists don’t believe what you hear because that’s that person‘s own personal experience. You still need to be open minded on working with someone even if you might hear negative things, but most importantly be unique and be yourself if being different is naturally you then do that, but just don’t do too much, unless doing too much is your forte, then do that, lol ! Seriously, though my main advice is to live your best life And do not under any circumstances be afraid to speak your mind!
What is your brand/company if any? (your business or brand): My brand is Southeast visions, where you can find sweet varieties, sweets kitchen and sweet pleasures!
When you perform and the audience sings along, how does that energy make you feel?: It makes me feel really good, highly energetic and ready for the world. I feel fearless, and it makes me want to just write more music for people to learn to sing along with me.
Are any of your songs based on real events or people we might know? If so, can you tell us more about them without giving away too many details about the song itself?: There’s a cover song that idea called Middlechild. That song is pretty much talking about me learning how to structure a song from my dad who is also, the leader of a band in Dc’s own gogo music!
What do you think is the most significant barrier to female movement?: No Unity. People scared to be themselves and be a part of something people always want to be in charge of, instead of apart of.

Sweet Animosity on Youtube

Check our Queen Animosity she is Hip-Hop, Go-Go and if the flow go she will flow. 

Middle Child

Megatron Cover

Nunna Dat

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