Meet the women of the movement in the amazing GoGo music scene of Washington, DC. These powerful women are the backbone of the I Am a Queen in GoGo movement, which celebrates and empowers women in the traditionally male-dominated industry.

Rocking the mic with their fierce and captivating performances, these women are not only talented artists but also business owners, promoters, and supporters of the GoGo music culture. They are breaking barriers and shattering stereotypes, proving that women can excel in any role within the industry.

As business owners, these women have created platforms and opportunities for aspiring artists, providing them with a space to showcase their talents and gain recognition. Their dedication to nurturing and uplifting the next generation of musicians is truly inspiring.

As promoters, these women work tirelessly to organize and promote GoGo events, ensuring that the music and culture continue to thrive. Their passion and commitment to preserving the GoGo legacy is evident in the vibrant and energetic shows they put together.

But it's not just about their professional roles; these women are also strong supporters of the GoGo movement. They attend shows, buy merchandise, and actively engage with the community, showing their unwavering love and support for the music and its artists.

Through their collective efforts, these women are reshaping the narrative of the GoGo music scene, making it more inclusive and diverse. They are proving that gender should never be a barrier to success and that women have an invaluable contribution to make in the world of music.

So, let's celebrate and honor the women of the I Am a Queen in GoGo movement. Their talent, resilience, and dedication are paving the way for future generations of women in the DC music industry.

Click on the picture to learn more about the GoGo movement in DC Music. I Am a Queen is a powerful and influential movement that celebrates the strength and resilience of women in the GoGo community. 

By clicking on the picture, you will discover the rich history, vibrant culture, and empowering stories behind this revolutionary movement. Join us in embracing the spirit of GoGo music and honoring the queens who have paved the way for future generations.

Lady Moet Beast
Tarshea Smith aka Ms. Boo
Dava on Bass
Althea McFarland
Sweet Tee
Sweet Animosity
Brown Suga
Mz. Chuk
Donalja Voiceness -NC Queen
Lil Boogie
Justice Jay
Lani Veiga
Mrs. Quibee
Harris Parrish Theresa
Ayana B. Jackson
Jacqui Renee
Ms Spice, Founder, CEO
IAmShe Michele


Who we are

We are the powerful and fearless queens of the GoGo movement in DC's vibrant music scene. With our unwavering passion for rhythm and soul, we reign supreme, captivating audiences with our electrifying performances. 

Embodying strength, resilience, and grace, we break barriers and defy expectations, reminding the world that we are queens deserving of respect and recognition. Through our music, we empower others to embrace their own inner royalty and to embrace the rich cultural heritage of our beloved city. 

Together, we create a harmonious symphony of unity, celebrating the GoGo movement and its profound impact on the music industry. We are the queens of DC's GoGo movement, and we proudly proclaim, "I Am a Queen!"

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Click on the queen picture to learn more about the I Am a Queen movement in GoGo music in Washington, DC.


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