Amirah Christine Warren-EL AKA 
Queen Amirah

Queen Amirah answers to movement questions

How long have you been loving GoGo music?: I am new to GoGo but I been in GoGo all my life
What bands do you follow?: I don't use social media in that way yet. I've only been using is for my healing business and for spiritual reasons.
Who is your favorite band if any?: Essence Backyard and Black Alley
What band do you play for?: (only if it applies): Peacemakers
What was your first experience with GoGo music?: Tells us about your 1st time at a GoGo party!: 21st and L St NW Junk yard band outside 89 or 90 no sure of the dates but when I was young and W.S.T. around the Howard area as well as the many block parties I attended in SE and NW.
What or who inspires you musically?: Whitney Yolanda Adams Stephanie Mills the old greats and Ledisi Kathleen Battles
Who are your musical influences?: All genres including Classical music
What do you think makes GoGo music unique?: The fact that you can make it your own. You can be yourself if you have the courage.
What has been your favorite performance/ GoGo Party so far?: (only if it applies): All of them. Singing is my medicine. It's not the event for me. It's the experience. The Being. The ability to use my talents. Being grateful.

When you perform and the audience sings along, how does that energy make you feel?: (only if it applies): Grateful! Humble Honored

What is the most difficult thing about being a woman partying, promoting or playing in GoGo?: This is all new to me however what I've found is that it is a thin line between being an effective communicator, voicing your opinion and you being called a Diva which is not good in the music arena.
What has been your biggest GoGo show highlight so far?: (only if it applies): Everyone of them because I get to be better and better every time I show up. I am Becoming and with more performances I will be able to speak on this
What is your brand/company if any? (shamelessly plug your business or brand): SocialLaxation Mobile Bar and Biz by AmirahMirrorWorks Llc
Brand/Website Logo:
Website: Under Construction
Do you have any advice for aspiring female artists?: Know who you are. Study yourself so you can perfect yourself then you will show up authentically and unapologetically you knowing that your perfect whole and complete exactly as the musician and soul that you are. Then you can be the best version that Allah would have you to be. Not Man!
What do you think is the most significant barrier to female movement?: Not knowing what our worth is and not willing to walk in our power with or without judgement.


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