06/21/2024 Author Tahira Chloe Mahdi, also known as "99" from TMOTTGoGo Media. 
Name pronounced Ta-HEER-uh Chloe MAH-dee
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This week on T.A.S.K Podcast, we are thrilled to introduce you to the incredible Tahira Chloe Mahdi, also known as "99." She is not just a writer and blogger, but a beacon of inspiration and empowerment. 

As a community psychologist, former college professor, and media personality, Tahira has shown us that anything is possible with hard work and determination. Her journey to obtaining her Ph.D. was nothing short of extraordinary, much like her unforgettable performance on the Crank Brothers' "A Pocket Full of Dymes." Being portrayed in the documentary TMOTTGoGo Inside the Pocket was just the beginning of her remarkable story. 

And now, Tahira's latest book, THIS IS NOT HOW IT WAS SUPPOSED TO GO, is set to be the must-read adventure of the summer! With its sexy and explosive storyline, this book is sure to captivate and inspire readers everywhere. So, dear listener, let Tahira's story be a reminder that dreams do come true and that with passion and perseverance, you can achieve anything you set your mind to. 

Embrace the challenges, chase your goals, and never give up on your dreams. The world is waiting for you to shine your light and make your mark. Believe in yourself and take that first step towards greatness today.

This Is Not How It Was Supposed To Go (PART II) THE POOL PARTY part 1

This Is Not How It Was Supposed to Go Book Promo

06/14/2024 Matt ''Swamp Guinee'' Miller & Kam Marie aka The Game Queen esp 012

Every Friday 6:30pm-8:30pm
On location & Virtual

This week on T.A.S.K Podcast, we're throwing a little shindig to celebrate Ms. Spice's Birthday, and we've got some awesome guests lined up for you. One of them is the talented Matt “Swamp Guinee” Miller, a multi-talented artist from Washington, DC. Matt has worked with some incredible artists and programs, bringing his passion for music and education to the forefront. He's a true gem in the arts community! 

And last but certainly not least, we have Kam Marie, aka The Game Queen, who knows how to bring the fun to any event. From hosting game nights to organizing bingo with a beat, Kam Marie is all about spreading joy and laughter wherever she goes. You can catch her at various events, both in person and virtually, so be sure to join in on the fun! We can't wait to share these amazing guests with you on the podcast. It's going to be a blast, so make sure to tune in and join the party!

Matt ''Swamp Guinee'' Miller

Embrace the story of Matt “Swamp Guinee” Miller, a true Renaissance man of the arts. A multi-genre drummer, performer, songwriter, and mentor, Matt's journey is a testament to the power of passion and dedication. From sharing the stage with legends like Bob Marley's Wailers to inspiring youth through music and education, Matt's impact knows no bounds. His work has not only entertained but also uplifted and empowered communities. Recognized for his talent and commitment,

Matt has been honored with awards and accolades, showcasing his unwavering dedication to his craft. His music production, Crank LuKongo, has garnered critical acclaim and nominations, solidifying his place in the music industry. As Matt continues to create, inspire, and collaborate with fellow artists, he reminds us all of the importance of pursuing our dreams with determination and creativity. 

Let his story be a beacon of hope and motivation for all those striving to make a difference in the world. Join Matt on his journey of artistic excellence and community impact, and let his passion ignite the fire within you to pursue your own dreams with courage and conviction. 

The world is waiting for your unique talents and contributions - embrace them with the same spirit of determination and joy that Matt embodies in all that he does.

Supporting Events

Kam Marie 
 The Game Queen 👑 

Meet Kam Marie, also known as The Game Queen, who reigns supreme in the world of fun and games! She's your go-to gal for all things game-related, whether you need someone to spice up your event with some game-tastic entertainment or if you just want to join in on the laughter and competition. 

You can catch Kam Marie hosting the legendary Saturday Night Vibes game night once a month in Mount Holly, NJ, where the vibes are always high and the games are always fierce. But don't worry if you can't make it in person - she also hosts random Virtual Game nights through zoom, so you can join in on the fun from anywhere in the world! And that's not all - Kam Marie loves surprising her followers with pop-up game nights on IG and FB, so keep an eye out for your chance to join in on the excitement. 

Plus, she's the mastermind behind Bingo with a Beat, where the bingo balls aren't the only things dropping - beats will be too! But wait, there's more! Kam Marie is also the ultimate game opener for open mics, comedy shows, and live podcasts, bringing her infectious energy and game expertise to get the party started. So if you're looking for a good time filled with laughter, competition, and maybe a little friendly rivalry, Kam Marie is your girl!

06/07/2024 Divyne Entertainment & 4eva Mafia
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Divyne Entertainment and 4Eva Mafia

Get ready to pop some champagne and throw some confetti because Divyne Entertainment is about to celebrate an artist who has worked their tail off to create some seriously mind-blowing art! We're talking about a platform where all kinds of creative souls can come together, show off their skills, and keep pushing the boundaries of their imagination. 

It's like a big ol' party where everyone's invited to keep the spirit of this amazing artist alive and kicking for years to come. And guess what? 4eva Mafia is in on the fun, with artists like Styles Montana dropping a banger "The Get Back" featuring the one and only Qwan tha Don, while Qwan tha Don is cruising with his hit "New Whip" on YouTube. Deezy Smallz is also making waves with his jam "Stand by Me" getting spins on internet radio.

 Let's not forget about the Queen herself, Jazze' Divyne, hitting us with her smash "Fu$K Boy Therapy." The T.A.S.K Podcast is buzzing to have Divyne Entertainment in the mix, especially with the talented Chuck Cobb on drums. So, get ready to dance, sing, and create because the party is just getting started! Let's keep the good times rolling and the creativity flowing. So Crown That!

Check Out 
Jazze' Divyne Music 

Let's dive into an exciting journey full of fun and adventure!

Welcome to the inspiring world of T.A.S.K Podcast! 

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